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Please prepare your K8S and BIG-IP in advance.

In the code repository, we provide the Gateway API deployment YAML files for installation.

The files are numbered and can complete the deployment process in order, where:

file name functionality notes
0.prepare-certificates.yaml Use to generate Secret for webhook CA/cert/key No further input is required
1.clusterrole-and-binding.yaml Create a user and role with corresponding operation permissions in the k8S cluster No further input is required
2.install-kubernetes-gatewayapi-CRDs-v0.6.0.yaml Install the gateway API CRD and admission deployments No further input is required
3.deploy-bigip-kubernetes-gateway-controller.yaml Deploy BIG-IP Kubernetes GatewayAPI Controller Required inputs by user to change BIGIP password:, BIGIP Configurations in bigips:, webhook certificates and image version in image:

Execute the kubectl command separately in order:

$ kubectl apply -f 0.prepare-certificates.yaml # Optional
$ kubectl apply -f 1.clusterrole-and-binding.yaml
$ kubectl apply -f 2.install-kubernetes-gatewayapi-CRDs.yaml
$ kubectl apply -f 3.deploy-bigip-kubernetes-gateway-controller.yaml

After doing them, the bigip-kubernetes-gateway controller runs as a pod in kube-system namespace of the kubernetes cluster.

  • View deployment pod via $ kubectl get deployment -n kube-system.
  • View the run log via $ kubectl logs -f deployment/bigip-kubernetes-gateway -c bigip-kubernetes-gateway-pod -n kube-system

For configuration defails in mentioned yaml files, see Controller Parameters.

For uninstallation, see Uninstallation.

Last update: April 12, 2023 22:28:42
Created: February 6, 2023 16:16:03