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F5 BIG-IP Kubernetes GatewayAPI Controller

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This is the online docs of F5 BIG-IP kubernetes GatewayAPI Controller.

F5 BIG-IP kubernetes GatewayAPI Controller is an implementation of K8S Gateway API at v0.6.2.

As F5 has two traffic management system, one is the BIG-IP, the other one is the Next-Generation BIG-IP Software. So we have 2 integration as well. According to the context, if we emphasize the 'Next', that means it is only for BIG-IP Next, otherwise they are same for BIG-IP or BIG-IP Next.

For a list of supported GatewayAPI resources and features, see the Gateway API Compatibility doc. Check here for Gateway API's latest status.

It's open-source and community supported. Source code repository:

Welcome to join us, you can get help in the slack channel #oss-bigip-kubernetes-gateway or Wechat.

See here for the latest release.

Last update: July 26, 2023 15:24:58
Created: November 20, 2022 11:45:55